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Personal review

Mikayel Hayrapetyan

Armenia , Yerevan

iArmenia is one of the unique platforms whose business psychology gives confidence to  the visitors of our country to get high quality information.

Hasmik Avetisyan

Armenia , Yerevan

Hi ALL!! Thank you for creating this website I definitely recommend to use it, even for me living in Armenia it was good to use it . The information provided in the website helps to get what you need at once without surfing on the internet for hours

Sofi Tovmasyan

Russia , Moscow

 Thank you very much for a well organized trip. Everything is clear and cool!

Belen Lefebvre

Macao SAR China , Trimbach

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Shanon Reiner

Puerto Rico , Bordeaux

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Business review


Armenia , Yerevan

We cooperate with iArmenia and are very happy to have such a reliable partner. Theirservice is trustworthy and of high quality. iArmenia has definitely a way to go, and that’s why is highly recommended!


Armenia , Yerevan

Shopinarmenia thanks iArmenia for the good work. We are very happy for our cooperation and we will to strengthen our relationship.

Embassy Review


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