About iArmenia

Studying the current market, Armenia related websites, information and its omissions, a necessity arose to create such a company that will not only provide tourists information about Armenia but also guide them to Armenia from the time of their arrival to their departure. The company is called iArmenia, which means information about Armenia.

The company has 15 or more directions: Tours & Travels, Visa support, Embassies, Tickets, Hotels & resorts, Rent a car, Restaurants & Clubs, Supermarkets, Shopping Centers, Cinemas, Opera & Theatre, Museums & Historical places, Transport public, Armenian map, Parks, Medical Centers, Exchange, Banks & ATM.

The main goals of iArmenia are:

  1. Provide information
  2. Emphasize Armenian good standing company and services
  3. Save time
  4. Save resources
  5. Always be in the process of improvement
  6. Develop the field of activity and actuality
  7. Improve service quality