Why Armenia?

Armenia is a country where the boundary of reality and the flight of thought is invisible. The landscape of the earth is a plateau that is spread around the Biblical Mount Ararat . In this highland more than 3,000 years ago the state of Armenia fought for its existence, and just recently, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in September 1991, it has got its independence. By arriving to Armenia you will enjoy for a long time the beautiful mountainous landscapes. You will enjoy the genuine kindness of the locals and the abundance of the truly ancient sights which were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Armenia is being distinguished by its unforgettable nature and sunny warmth, where the spirit of a centuries culture is being felt everywhere. The country's rich history and the cultural heritage has left their mark on the world history. Armenia is a sunny country where you can come across facts that will surprise your aesthetic sensations. From the lush forests to the blue waters of Lake Sevan, the Armenian landscapes and the gigantic peaks of the mountains shinning by the sun, the legendary facts of ancient history will never fail to amaze you with the diversity and beauty of each stage of your journey. And, of course, the Armenian hospitality and the Armenian love will make you feel the warmth of the family hearth. And this is only a small part of what can be said about Armenia. We suggest you to visit this corner of the Earth to make sure for yourself that all of the above mentioned is simply true.

Fountains are a small source of water that is very common in Armenia. They are an important part of Armenian culture. The fountains first appeared on the streets of Yerevan in the 1920s, and over time they became widespread.Why Tamanyan (Armenian architect) designed so many water spaces in Yerevan? According to the main hypothesis, during the years of the city's reconstruction the architect walked around Yerevan every day, following the construction process and giving instructions. Many times Tamanyan has bought water from infant children walking around the streets, replenishing thirst and continuing to work. Dealing with this problem, he decided to make additions to the drinking water plan. So springs were built with fresh water.The fountain is also called "pulpulak" on local dialect, mening water source. Later the fountains spread not only in Yerevan but also in the whole region of Armenia.

The desire to be free like the wind, to feel the weightlessness of your body, to fly a free bird and hug the sky - that’s what man dreamed of.Paragliding is the easiest and most affordable way to soar above the ground, see the beauty of the Armenian mountains and get your dose of adrenaline. Now in Armenia with the help of a paraglider all this can be realized. Finding yourself in the sky, you calmly soar above beautiful landscapes, and the world around you becomes like a globe. The feeling of flying and beautiful scenery will give you an unforgettable experience.After takeoff, using the hot ascending air currents, the paraglider will gain altitude and soon you will be under 2000 meters high. All you need is determination, a good mood and a confident smile.

Gata is first of all cult pastries, and not just food; at almost every holiday it symbolizes luck and happiness. Previously, it was made in tonir. “There was a beautiful tradition - to bake gata with families. Previously, it was normal and relevant, since everyone lived nearby, in private houses, there was a lot of work, so joint work was appreciated. Sometimes a penny, beans, walnuts or something else are put in the gatа, and the one who gets the “surprise” can consider himself lucky and count on a successful year for him,” our source said.

Tsaghkadzor is one of the most dynamically developing resorts in Armenia. Despite its centuries-old history, it is as if still looking for its face and its own path, and rushes from its authentic roots to the image of a modern European town. Winter is the perfect time to visit this popular ski resort. The cold here is quite moderate, the average daytime temperature in January rarely drops below −10 ° C, which is also due to the large number of sunny days. On the peaks, of course, it is cooler, so you need to dress the same way as in any European ski resort. The ski season in Tsaghkadzor opens from mid-December and lasts until the end of March. The most important thing is that Tsaghkadzor is ideal for both adults and children, as the ski area is located between the heights of 1966 and 2819, which include 15 routes of varying difficulty.

The largest book and the smallest book in Matenadaran. In the capital of the Republic of Armenia in Yerevan, on a small hill, there is a museum, which houses one of the largest repositories of manuscripts in the world, thousands of ancient archival documents, as well as the biggest and the smallest books in the world.The biggest book in Matenadaran weighs twenty-seven and a half kilograms, its size is 75 by 55 centimeters. This is “Musha's Sermons” book written around 1200 in Taron. Customer ordered a book for a priest named Vartan, which included speeches, chronicles, the lives of saints and panegyrics, selected pages from historical works, interpretations, and church canons. Vartan finished it in three years.It had 675 sheets, 28 kg of weight. Each page is one calfskin. When the book was ready, the customer was killed by the Emir Aladin, who appropriated to himself all the good things and of course the precious book.

The longest reversible cable-way in the world is that of Tatev, which is also called "Wings of Tatev”. Wings of Tatev is the longest reversible cableway in the world (5752 meter ),recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. The unforgettable flight over the gorge of the stormy river Vorotan takes about 12-15 minutes long. These minutes of a celestial highway at an altitude of about 320 meter high; the shortest, picturesque and the impressive way to the Tatev Monastery. On October 23, 2011 Wings of Tatev cable car received the certificate from the Guinness Book of Records, officially by securing the status of the world's longest reversible passenger cable car. Wings of Tatev was included in the Guinness Book of Records not only as the longest cable car in Armenia, but also as a cable car built in the shortest time in the world only within 10 months.