Yerevan 2800th Anniversary Park Italiist., Yerevan, Armenia


The official inauguration of the park took place on May 10.2019

250 new trees were planted in the park of 70 unique species. 2,800 fountains were installed in the park dedicated to the 2800th anniversary of the city. The ground is decorated with 7 types of granite stones with the shape of traditional Armenian carpet covering an area of 5,420 m². On the other hand, 5 bronze statues have been installed at the 4 corners of the fountain complex. The park is also decorated with Urartu style bull and lion bronze statues. At the southern end of the park, there is a small square depicting the map of Yerevan surrounded with 45 flooding fountains.

Yerevan Cascade 10 Tamanyan St, Yerevan


The Cascade is the original decoration of the city in the form of unique architectural composition. The Great Cascade is a system of huge staircases gracefully connecting the downtown areas and the residential areas, located on the surrounding hills. All together it looks like an enormous spectacular modernist sculpture. Huge flights of stairs with fountains run uphill, crowned with the obelisk of the Revived Armenia.

The top of the Cascade can be reached by a long set of escalators, and opens up a view of Yerevan and Mount Ararat in the distance. The Opera House and other notable buildings are also easily visible from the very heights. There are several levels as you descend, featuring fountains and more art.

The Cascade Monument is located in the very beginning of the street bearing the name of Architect Tamanian. At the foot of the Cascade, there is the monument to Tamanian, showing him bending over his general plan and wearing his mother’s shawl. Near the monument there is an amusing sculpture called “the Black Cat” by the famous South American artist and sculptor Fernando Botero, plus a rotation of numerous other sculptures.

Lovers' ParkBagramyan Marshal ave 21, Yerevan 0019, Armenia

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The Lovers’ Park is one of the most favorite places of the locals and the guests of Yerevan. This park is one of the oldest ones in Yerevan. In the 18th century it was called Kozern garden by the name of the suburb it was located in.

The park is situated on Marshal Baghramyan Avenue.

Now the Lovers’ park is a green and cozy place. You can notice that its design is inspired by Japanese traditional landscaping. The author of the project is a well-known landscape architect from Switzerland Pierre Rambach.

The park has a small artificial lake with two islands. Near the lake an amphitheater is situated, and in summer you can watch films in this open-air cinema. Sculptures, mini-waterfalls, cozy corners can be found in the park. And in the evening you can enjoy the decorative lighting, which makes the park even more beautiful.

Not only couples love this place, but also children with their parents.

Tumanyan Park 13 Halabyan St, Yerevan 0038

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Tumanyan Park is a public park in the Ajapnyak district of Yerevan, Armenia.It was opened in 1970 and occupies an area of 7 hectares on the right bank of Hrazdan River. It was opened and named after the famous writer and poet HovhannesTumanyan the 100th anniversary of his birth.

In 1973, the statues of the two main characters of Tumanyan'sAnoush opera; Anoush and Saro were erected in the park.

In 1986, another statue of Tumanyan's fictional character LoretsiSako was erected in the park.

Tumanyan Park is among the attractive playgrounds for the children of Yerevan.

English Park, Yerevan Italy St., Yerevan, Armenia

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The English Park is one of the oldest parks in the city of Yerevan, dating back to the 1860s. It was frequently renovated until World War I, with a major renovation in 1910.[1] In 1920, the English Park hosted the first ever football match in the modern history of Armenia, when the teams of Yerevan and Alexandropol met each other.[ During the Soviet years the park was named after the 26 Baku Commissars. After the independence of Armenia, the original name of the park was restored.

The Sundukyan Academic Theatre, the French embassy in Armenia, the Italian embassy in Armenia and the Best Western Congress Hotel of Yerevan are located on the periphery of the Park.

A monument to Gabriel Sundukyan's fictional character Pepo was erected in the park in 1976.

The central fountains are a popular location for wedding photographs.

Victory Park, Yerevan Azatutyan Ave, Yerevan

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The Mother Armenia statue symbolises peace through strength. It can remind viewers of some of the prominent female figures in Armenian history, such as SoseMayrig and others, who took up arms to help their husbands in their clashes with Turkish troops and Kurdish irregulars. It also recalls the important status and value attributed to the older female members of an Armenian family.

Its location on a hill overlooking Yerevan makes it look like a guardian of the Armenian capital. Every year on 9 May, thousands of Armenians visit the statue of Mother Armenia and lay flowers to commemorate the Armenian martyrs of the Second World War. The pedestal hosts the Mother Armenia Military Museum of the Ministry of Defense.

"Mother Armenia" has a height of 22 metres (72 ft), thus making the overall height of the monument 51 metres (167 ft), including the pedestal. The statue is built of hammered copper while the pedestal-museum is of basalt.

Yerevan Botanical Garden Acharyan str. 1, Yerevan 0040, Armenia

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In 1935, by the initiative of the Science Academy of Armenia in the north of Yerevan on the area of 105 ha was founded the Yerevan Botanical Garden. In 1954 the part called “Flora and Fauna of Armenia” was created in the garden which included about 1000 names of plants. In 60-70s the garden included about 5000 plants. In the recent 10-15 years nearly half of the species disappeared, particularly tropical plants.

Vardavari aygi, Aresh, Yerevan


Yeraz Park, Yerevan

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Yerevan Zoo

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